About the Chess club

Studenternes Hus
Nordre Ringgade 3
8000 Aarhus C


The Chess Club of 1968 is a club with about 100 members. We are a pure amateur club and we are managed and maintained by voluntary work by the clubs members.

We have members in all ages and we make a great effort to integrate new chess players in the club. Our emphasis is on the social aspects of chess and everyone is welcome regardless of strength on the chess board.

Each year we play two club tournaments  – one in the fall and one in the spring. Furthermore the club is engages with several team in the team chess tournament where teams from different chess clubs face each other throughout the season. We also play blitz chess tournaments in those periods where no major tournaments are played.

If you are interested in a membership then feel free to meet up with us in accordance to the schedule (see ‘’Kalender’’) or contact cashier Kim Hansen via kasserer@test.sk1968.dk or the chairman Poul Rewitz via 22 67 12 82 or formand@SK1968.dk.

SK1968 offers several types of membership subscriptions which are described in detail below:


A-member:  Comprises a full membership for seniors (ages 21-64 years). This includes membership of The Danish Union of Chess (DSU) as part of the 6. main group. As a DSU member you will receive The Chess Magazine (in Danish) and you will be granted the opportunity to participate in DSU’s chess tournaments. Price per ½ year: 600 kr.
Children: (aged 0-14 years): per ½ year: 180 kr.
Juniors (aged 15-20 years): per ½ year: 260 kr.
Students per ½ year: 400 kr.
Pensioners (aged +65 years): per ½ year: 400 kr.
Passive membership: An A-memberships but without the opportunity to participate in the club tournament or the team tournament. Price per ½ year:  350 kr.
B- membership: In case you are a member of another chess club but still wishes to play in tournaments of SK1968. Price per ½ year: 200 kr.
Board members: Paid contingent corresponding to DSU contingent. Pt. per. ½ year 310 kr.